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    If you are starting a restaurant, Opening a fast food establishment or organising an
    event, our customizable personalized paper are the best way to promote your business.
    Consumer choices are made based on what attracts the eye at first glance. Our Custom
    designed printing is guaranteed to capture clients’ attention and keep them comming
    back for more. For trade show giveaways, you can attract the attention of passersby and
    attendees and draw traffic to your booth.

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  • Branded DESIGN
    Some of the most respected names out there have been our customers
    for years now. Maintaining a brand’s legacy is our objective, and
    while retaining its heritage is foremost for us, we place the future
    as our focus by being as innovative and progressive as the industry
    competition entails. We can design a logo for you, or use your own
    if you prefer,along with a catchy slogan to give you a major edge in
    the ongoing competitive market. We market your brand!
    We supply the hot beverage cup market with paper cups and paper
    soup cups. Our cups are made from the highest quality PE1S cupstock,
    with secure conveniently fitting lids that snap on to the cups in a
    perfect fit. We provide the ideal solution for selling your hot
    beverages. You can choose from our attractive ready stock designs,
    or we can create a new design according to your needs.
    Our heavy duty PE2S cupstock with a smooth glossy surface to
    enhance the custom design and printing is your go-to for cold
    beverages of all types. For your convenience, we provide sample
    stock options to choose from, or you can take advantage of our
    experienced design team to create customized personalized graphic
    solutions. The secure, perfect fitting lids and artistic flexible straws
    complete the image of a perfect cold drink on a hot day.
    We supply different cup sizes to fulfill your needs.
  • Clear Plastic CUPS
    We offer a variety of sizes for clear plastic cups and containers
    complete with an assortment of lids designed to accommodate
    different drinks for your customers’ taste. The clarity and
    precision of printing is exclusively our specialty.
  • Ice Cream CUPS
    Our assortment of portion-sized cups is perfect for your
    store or event.They are the ideal solution for ice cream,
    frozen yogurt, or slushies.If you need spoons for these
    delicious frozen beverages, look no further. We can supply
    you with the appropriate size and quantity to complete your order.
  • Fries CUPS
    Our paper fries cups are the best disposable serving containers
    for your fast food establishment or booth at an event or festival.
    They come in different serving sizes to provide you with individual or large orders.
  • Container CUPS
    These generous sized containers are perfect for different
    fried foods, popcorn, or pretzels. They are made from
    PE1S to withstand heat and sturdy enough to hold their
    shape. They are the perfect solution for fast food
    establishments and your take-away snacks.

Quality Printing

we provide our customers with high quality printing at competitive prices with the friendliest service in the Inland Empire

Timely Delivery

We deliver products to our customers in a timely manner and to satisfy our customers’ fulfillment standards.


Our range of Paper Cups offer eco-friendly alternatives to the current brands in the market.

Money Back Guaranteed

Our Promise is a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you're not satisfied with our service, we'll refund your money.

SHIPPING services

We can ship your order to any place in the world

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Golden Paper Cups Manufacturing Co. LLC has earned the trust of the local and global market in an amazingly short span of time. We utilize only the best materials imported from around the globe; aesthetically our products are of upscale appearance. When you work with us, you will get the best product quality at competitive prices. We are constantly on the lookout for innovative systems to improve our products, expand our production lines and add to the variety of our supplies. This serves to cover the needs of our clients so that they may find all their requirements in one visit to our website or sales showroom. Superior value, quality control and top hygiene standards are among our top priorities. We are committed to helping our clients achieve continued growth by delivering the best products to them.

General Manager

At Golden Paper Cups Manufacturing Co. LLC, we help large companies maintain their status in the market, and small businesses flourish with our appealing designs. Through our customer and sales services, we ensure a quick response to your needs. There is no one size fits all with us; we provide a one on one basis work with you to guarantee a unique design and get best value to improve your business. Our artwork is elegant with its vivid colors and diverse high quality printing options, and expresses the authenticity of the customers’ brand through every detail. The management has adopted policies aimed at developing and enriching the potential of each of its employees who work in the different facilities of our business. We are leaders in this industry. Leaders make a difference!

Sales Department

As part of our sales and administration department, she is there to assist you in placing your order, and choosing the design that reflects your brand. Once you visit our showroom, call, or order online; they will direct you to the design team to take care of your order, and follow up on it to ensure the best results. All our customers have shown deep satisfaction with the prompt treatment and handling of their orders.

Sales & Production Department

Your order is safe with our operation managing specialist in charge of the production process. In addition to being an expert with Flexo printing, he is in direct contact with our local sales market and knows the requirements of these markets and what it takes to succeed in them.